PAR FAME upholds "Quality Priority, Best Service, Innovation-oriented, and Society dedication" these four core values, committed to provide customers with high quality, diversity, innovative and great potential products to the market.

Quality Priority – Focus on quality control, to ensure customers' satisfaction.

Best Service – Our enthusiastic serving attitude and the obligation to resolve the customers' demand always exceed customers' expectation. Create a win-win for customers and PAR FAME.

Innovation Oriented – To meet customers' needs, work for developing high potential products is our ultimate goal.

Society Dedication – Feedback to the society, efficient use of energy, reduce the waste of resources, creating employment opportunities, employees' trainings for international competitiveness.

We could not forget what we take from ! Textile industry around the world has the common recognition of thinking about environment. As a member of global citizen; we well noted environmental protection is great issue that we could not forget and have responsibility to make it well.

waste water

Therefore, we did plenty efforts on protecting the environment. In the beginning of factory construction, we invested more than 1 million US dollar, to build a sewage treatment plant, which total area of approximately 4,000 square meters. By using latest computer automatically detection technology COD, we make the application of the biological technology to take care the environment, using bacteria to decompose the wasted water after dyeing, to make the wasted dyestuff water become clean, before flow out. To minimize the impacts of production on the environment, also make good resource recycling and reused.
This management makes our factory was elected excellent model for environmental protection in Fuzhou, became a good model among textile industries.

Quality is always our main concern and what we insist. For this, we focus on any tiny details of processes, and are aggressive for perfect production, even till hypercriticism.
Besides, we inspect strictly and carefully for every single meter twice, in greige and finished goods. To make sure the quality is within international standard. This is what we care about. Therefore, we won good reputation for decades.  

greige_insp finished_insp packing